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Global Offices

BenQ maintains an active presence in the local markets it serves with its support in the sales of major products and solutions in more than 100 countries across the globe. From our headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, we assist our regional offices in analyzing local trends and needs to develop customized business strategies and product roadmaps to elevate and enrich the aspects of life that matter most to communities around the world.

BenQ Corporation-Headquarters

16 Jihu Road Neihu, Taipei
114 Taiwan

BenQ Asia Pacific Corp.

12 Jihu Road Neihu, Taipei
114 Taiwan

BenQ China

181 Zhuyuan Road, Suzhou New
District, Suzhou, China
+86-512- 68078800
+86-512- 68097010

BenQ America Corp.

3200 Park Center Drive, Suite 150
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA

BenQ Latin America Corp.

8200 N.W. 33 Street, Suite 301
Miami, FL 33122 USA


BenQ Europe B.V.

Meerenakkerweg 1-17, 5652 AR
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
+31(0)88 888-9200
+31(0)88 888-9299