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BenQ CH100 sRGB Portable Business Projector

Let Big Ideas Shine

You never compromise when bringing ideas to life. To ensure your technology keeps up you, BenQ design focuses on delivering precise presentation quality every time. Years of your hard work and experience can culminate in the few key minutes of a big presentation, making each slide more important than ever. For the pursuit of perfect presentations, always insist on CH100 to let your big ideas shine with sRGB color accuracy, Full HD 1080p resolution, and convenient portability – specifically designed for you, the creative class.

key features

  • sRGB Graphics Mode for presenting accurate web graphics and colorful designs
  • Cinema Mode for enjoying movie night at home
  • Slim enough to carry in one hand and as compact as a 13” laptop
  • Native Full HD 1080p produces precise details
  • Big ideas in small spaces (81”@2m) and optional wireless presentation capability